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About Us

We Build for People

BluGrade Earthworks Inc.

BluGrade was first created to provide for customers needs for larger upscale projects and building platforms. 


We specialize in turning challenging lots into beautiful yards and homes for our customers, while adding structural integrity and trusted products. 

BluGrade has a team full of experts with years of construction experience ready to help your home or business get the look it deserves. 

BluGrade is a small, family owned business utilizing top market equipment to provide professional quality craftsmanship for your personal and professional projects. 

Our Mission

BluGrade puts people first, our people and your people. We strive to put passion, commitment, detail, and respect into every action throughout the day.


We value a clean, organized, and safe work environment. Our team is filled with people who take pride in the service they provide our customers, and leaving a finished product that lasts decades. 

Our Mission

BluGrade Earthworks shoreline work


BluGrade Earthworks is proud to partner with Wood Duck Landscapes.  Our integrated partnership gives builders and home owners a unique advantage.  Our partnership creates an all-in-one service for all of their outdoor landscaping needs including hardscapes, softscapes, seed and sod, to irrigation. 

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