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BluGrade Earthworks Is Leading Quality Projects

BluGrade Earthworks specializes in large and intricate retaining walls to help you achieve a stable foundation for your home, a beautiful terraced yard, or create more space for your commercial properties. We can provide features that create beautiful back patio areas, terraced yards to maximize space, and create stylish paths and driveways.

We partner with top-tier home builders, civil engineers, and designers to create an optimal plan to match your needs and establish your home's stability and beauty for years to come.

Retaining Walls

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BluGrade offers years of experience in building shorelines and we would love to help you create a clean and beautiful shoreline that require no maintenance and can withstand high-traffic water movement to protect your lake home investment. 

Our process begins by removing all debris and vegetation. The water side property is then cut and manipulated to 45-60° for optimal erosion resistance, followed by compaction methods to ensure soil stabilization. Once your shoreline is structured for optimal quality, heavy duty erosion fabric is used to prevent erosion through the rock line and maintain your land's structure.  Our experienced operators work with some of the greatest boulders supplied from farms across the state of Iowa. A large boulder base is placed across the shoreline foundation followed by medium sized rocks to fill in any gaps and leave a clean finish.

Additional and finishing features include beaches, steps to the water or boat dock, and walkways across the shore.

Land Clearing

Looking to build a new home? Let us help you navigate the challenging terrain.  We can take on any challenge, getting to hard to reach places other companies can't. While utilizing our specialized equipment and your previous impassable and troublesome terrain becomes tamed and cleared to provide vehicle paths, foundation pads, and open spaces.

Shoreline work

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Trucking Services

Dump truck, heavy equipment hauling service

BluGrade offers a variety of trucking services for fellow contractors and tradesmen. These services including hauling dirt, boulders, quarry materials, job site waste and trash, and heavy equipment up to 50,000 lbs. 

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